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We teach math in a way that makes sense to students so they understand it, master it, and enjoy it. The goal is not just to improve grades and scores, but to teach children how to think critically, solve problems and work independently – important tools that last a lifetime.

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Course Contents

Basic Math

Learn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to master basic math skills.


Designed for kids of any age who wants to get better at solving fraction problems.


Learn algebra quickly and easily through a wide variety of tutorials. A great resource for grades 5 to 8!

Consumer Math

Show your children how to use math in their everyday lives and help them make better financial decisions.


Features a wide array of hands-on learning materials to help children excel in advanced math.


Learn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to master basic math skills.


Suitable for kids who want to have a better understanding of the formulas and theorems.


Designed for students to gain a deeper understanding of metric measurements for length, mass, volume and area.


Understand the relation between zero, positive and negative numbers, and their representation on the number line.

Number Sense

Understand the divisibility rules, factors, LCM, GCF and factorial along with several other topics.

Real Number

Learn the concept of natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, fractions, rational numbers and irrational numbers.


Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies triangles.

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of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding